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    Owens Community College
  Jul 22, 2017
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2012-13 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Education/Performance Concentration, AA (Owens Code: MEPC)

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Degree Offered:

Associate of Arts

Campus Offered:


Credits Required: 66-71

Program Information:

This concentration prepares students with an interest in music education or performance who intend to transfer to a senior institution to complete a bachelor’s degree. The program provides students with a basis in theory, history and performance experiences.

Student Learning Outcomes consist of the General Education Core Competencies .

Transfer Information:

Four-year colleges and universities may require different courses for this transfer program. Students should tailor their Owens program as closely as possible to the requirements at their four-year school of choice. Meet with an Advisor for more information.

Required Courses

1st Semester

15-17 credits

2nd Semester

17 credits

3rd Semester

16-17 credits

4th Semester

18-20 credits

Prerequisites, Co-requisites, and Elective Information

 Contact your Advisor for Elective recommendations. Prerequisites and co-requisites may apply.

Petition for Degree Completion

Students are eligible to become a candidate for an Associate Degree when the student has completed all necessary requirements. Students who are registering for their final semester of course work and plan to graduate must submit a petition for degree completion by accessing their Ozone account.

Visit the Owens website for petition deadline dates and fee information.  For more information regarding degree requirements and graduation refer to the Graduation Requirements Policy and Procedures.


1 Select  Math Elective course choice from: MTH 108 , MTH 110 MTH 170 , MTH 173 , MTH 175 , MTH 180 , MTH 211 , MTH 213 .

2  Students must pass placement exam before registering.

3 Music Majors registered for Applied Music must also be enrolled in an ensemble. Ensemble selection must be based on the student’s primary instrument. Applied Lessons are for declared music majors or non-majors enrolled in an ensemble. Required: MUS 120 , MUS 122 , MUS 123 , MUS 124 , MUS 126 , MUS 127 , MUS 128 , MUS 129 , MUS 135 .

4 Select Speech Elective course choice from: SPE 100 , SPE 101 , SPE 102 , SPE 210 

5 Select Science Elective course choice indicated under the Associate of Arts Concentrations: Elective Information .  Must include one course with a laboratory component. 

6 Select Social and Behavioral Sciences Elective course choice indicated under the Associate of Arts Concentrations: Elective Information .

7 Students who have taken 24 credit hours or more either at Owens Community College or another college or university can substitute an Arts and Sciences elective or SSC 110 , SSC 115 SSC 130 .  Elective choices are indicated under the Associate of Arts Concentrations: Elective Information .

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