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    Owens Community College
  Jul 24, 2017
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2011-12 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Exercise Science Concentration, AS (Owens Code: EXSC)

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Transfer Program

Degree Offered:

Associate of Science

Campus Offered:

 Toledo and Findlay

Credits Required: 73

Transfer Information:

Transfer institutions may require different courses for this transfer program. Students should tailor their Owens program as closely as possible to the requirements at their four-year school of choice. Meet with an Academic Advisor for more information on local institution program alignment.

This concentration is designed to prepare students to effectively participate in bachelor’s degree seeking options through local four-year institutions in several related fields including but not limited to: Sports Management, Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science, Kinesiology, and Leisure and Recreation. Further degree seeking options at the master’s level include: occupational therapy and physical therapy. Students with this background can also pursue employment in the following areas: fitness coach, personal trainer, and aerobics instructor.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Student learning outcomes include the seven general education competencies designated by Owens Community College along with:

  • discuss the physiological basis of the major components of physical fitness: cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength and endurance, body composition, flexibility, and functional movement.
  • describe and demonstrate assessment techniques and methods for: cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength and endurance, body composition, flexibility, and comprehensive wellness.
  • define the psychological principles which are critical to health/wellness behavior change
  • competently apply the personal communication skills necessary to develop rapport in order to motivate clients to participate in a wellness program.
  • describe, discuss, contrast, compare and evaluate the roles of modern healthcare and physical fitness.
  • identify and apply the skills needed for problem solving and critical thinking.
  • distinguish between various exercise training modalities and their outcome.
  • describe, demonstrate and apply knowledge of the components and functions of the human anatomy and the body in motion as related to exercise training.
  • design exercise-training programs based upon evaluation, goal setting, accepted training principles and maintenance of healthy levels of fitness.
  • identify, evaluate, operate, and be able to instruct with, various types of exercise training equipment.
  • actively experience the various modalities of exercise training.
  • access and assess information technology and data appropriately

Required Courses

1st Semester

17 credits

2nd Semester

15 credits

3rd Semester

15 credits

4th Semester

12 credits

5th Semester

14 credits

Apply for Graduation

Students registering for their final semester of course work must petition for graduation through their Ozone account.  The Petition for Graduation can be found under Student Quick Links.  Deadlines and fees apply; please visit for petition deadline dates.  For additional information, refer to Petition for Degree Completion and Graduation Requirements Policy under Academic Policies and Procedures  



1Students who have taken 24 credit hours or more either at Owens Community College or another college or university can substitute SSC 110 , SSC 115 SSC 130  or another Arts and Sciences elective.  Elective choices are indicated under the Associate of Arts Elective Information

2 Select Social and Behavioral Science elective course choice from:  GOV 100 , GOV 111 , GOV 205 , GPH 106 , GPH 206 , PSY 210 , PSY 215 , PSY 220 SOC 101 , SOC 201 , SOC 210 

3 Select Arts and Humanities elective course choice from: HUM 275 , HIS 101 , HIS 102 , HIS 151 , HIS 152 , HIS 201 , HIS 202 , HIS 270 , ENG 120 , ENG 215 , ENG 225 , ENG 264 , ENG 266 , ENG 267 


All students should check for prerequisites for a class before registering.

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