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    Owens Community College
  Jul 21, 2017
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2011-12 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physical Therapist Assistant Program, AAS (Owens Code: PTAP)

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Career Program

Degree Offered:

Associate of Applied Science

Campus Offered:


Credits Required: 73


Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)
1111 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Phone: (703) 838-8910

State Licensure:

Program graduates are eligible to take the state licensure examination. Graduates who successfully pass the state exam can work as licensed physical therapist assistants. Passing Ohio’s licensure exam also will allow graduates to obtain a license in nearly every other state by endorsement, because it is a national exam. Licensure is required to practice physical therapy and bill for services in the State of Ohio. Students are responsible for inquiring about licensing requirements before enrolling in the PTA program.


Some states may refuse to license candidates who have prior criminal or felony convictions.

The program prepares students to be licensed physical therapist assistants who, under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist, work with patients to improve functional abilities. Prescribed patient treatments may include exercises, coordination movements, and application of various modalities to reduce pain, inflammation and to promote healing. A licensed physical therapist assistant may work in a variety of health care settings, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, in-home care and schools.

Student Learning Outcomes:

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program is committed to students who, upon completion of the program, are able to:

  • Demonstrate effective written, oral and nonverbal communication with patients, their families, colleagues, health care providers and the public.
  • Communicate regularly with the supervising physical therapists about the patient’s progress and the need for adjustments to be made by the physical therapist in treatment procedures in accordance with changes in patient status.
  • Participate in the teaching of other health care providers, patients and families.
  • Interact with patients and families in a manner that provides appropriate psychosocial support and considers cultural characteristics, socioeconomic differences and the psychological consequences of illness and injury.
  • Work under the supervision of a physical therapist in an ethical, legal and safe manner.
  • Implement a comprehensive treatment plan developed by a physical therapist.
  • Demonstrate competent performance of data collection skills necessary to carry out a plan of care by performing appropriate measurement and assessment techniques within the knowledge and limits of practice to assist the supervising physical therapists in monitoring and modifying the plan of care.
  • Demonstrate competent problem solving during the provision of physical therapy services under the supervision of a physical therapist by:
    1. Adjusting interventions within the plan of care (POC).
    2. Providing PT interventions effectively to progress the individual patient through the POC.
    3. Recognizing when an intervention is inappropriate due to changes in the patient’s status and respond appropriately by communicating with the PT and adjusting the intervention as directed.
  • Effectively document relevant aspects of patient treatment.
  • Develop skills and career through involvement in lifelong learning activities and participation in organizations and activities that promote physical therapy.
  • Demonstrate competence on an examination for licensure as a physical therapist assistant.
  • Transition from this educational program to employment as a PTA.


Required Courses

1st Semester

16 credits

2nd Semester

18 credits

Summer Semester

9 credits

3rd Semester

16 credits

4th Semester

14 credits

Apply for Graduation

Students registering for their final semester of course work must petition for graduation through their Ozone account.  The Petition for Graduation can be found under Student Quick Links.  Deadlines and fees apply; please visit for petition deadline dates.  For additional information, refer to Petition for Degree Completion and Graduation Requirements Policy under Academic Policies and Procedures  



1 Select Math elective course choice from: MTH 110  or MTH 170    

2 Select Speech elective course choice from: SPE 101 , SPE 102  or SPE 210 

3 Select Sociology elective course choice from: SOC 101  or SOC 260 

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Information

Special Admission Requirement

  • Program admission is selective and requires submission of a complete application file that includes a college application, Request for Evaluation form, high school transcripts or GED record, college transcripts (if applicable), Observation Hour Verification Form, evidence of high school or college algebra with a “C” grade or better, evidence of high school or college chemistry or biology or physics with a “C” grade or better, and ACT or SAT scores. It is highly recommended that interested students meet with an Advisor in the Office of Student Development to find out about all documents required as well as specific admission criteria for the program.
  • Students who have not taken either ACT or SAT tests should contact their high school counselor or the Owens Community College Office of Student Development to obtain registration materials. Applicants must complete 40 hours of work/observation in at least two separate physical therapy settings under direct supervision of a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant. Observation forms are available through the Office of Student Development or on the Owens PTA website Specific instructions are outlined on the forms. The observation hours need to be completed prior to application for admission to the program.
  • Applicants who have not met the academic admission requirements for entrance into the five-semester PTA program at Owens Community College may take developmental and arts and sciences coursework. A pre-PTA student may take any of the required Arts and Sciences courses prior to program acceptance.
  • The program accepts a maximum of 26 students once each year for Fall Semester. The deadline for program application is during the first week of February of the year the student would like to start the program.
  • All students entering or enrolled in the PTA Program must achieve a grade of “C” or better. Students failing to maintain this average or who earn a “D” or “F” in a PTA course will be dismissed from the program and may be readmitted only one time on a space available basis.

Academic Readmission

A student may be readmitted for academic reasons only once.  Readmission will be determined on a space available basis. A student requesting readmission after dismissal/ withdrawal for academic reasons must complete the following:

a.  Contact an advisor who will assist the student in the development of a written academic plan to resolve the academic problems. The plan must include provisions to retake all courses in which the student received a “D” or “F” grade with the goal of receiving a “C” grade or better upon repeating each course. The academic plan must be approved by the Department Chair and Dean.

b.  Notify the Department Chair in writing of the student’s intention to return to the PTA Program at least 75 days prior to the start of the semester.

c.  Demonstrate proficiency in written and/or lab examinations with a “C” or higher average

Non-Academic Readmission

Students who complete at least one full semester of the PTA program may request readmission after withdrawal for non-academic reasons. If only one semester lapses, the student may re-enter if all requirements for class and clinical participation have been met. Intention needs to be expressed two weeks prior to readmission. If more than one semester lapses, the student must complete the following:

a.  Attend all appointments suggested by the Department Chair.

b.  Notify the Department Chair in writing of the student’s intention to return to the PTA program at least 75 days prior to the start of the semester if only absent more than one semester.

c.  Demonstrate proficiency in written and/or lab/examinations with a “C” or higher if absent more than one semester.

d.  Complete all course work within five years of program admittance.

Transfer Options

The University of Toledo offers a graduate Doctor of Physical Therapy program. A prospective student must have a bachelor’s degree in order to apply. There are two different types of Doctor of Physical Therapy programs offered by the University of Findlay:  the Traditional Program (3 plus 3) and the Weekend College program. For more information please contact admissions counselors at these universities.


All students should check for prerequisites for a class before registering.

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