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    Owens Community College
  Jul 22, 2017
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2011-12 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

E-Business Technology, AAB (Owens Code: ECOM)

Career Program

Degree Offered:

Associate of Applied Business

Campus Offered:

Toledo and Findlay

Credits Required: 62-64

Career Opportunities:

Internet Services Support, Web services support and Integration, Web Sales and Management, and Internet Support Specialist.

This unique program is designed for both current and future information technology and business professionals who desire to build a successful web business solution or develop and support E-business within their organization. Major areas of focus include developing an understanding of key E-business technologies, assessing technical infrastructure requirements, understanding the impact of evolving legal and regulatory issues, designing and implementing security policies, and acquiring tools for managing customer relationships.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will define a problem, identify possible solutions, and develop and implement a solution.
  • Students will demonstrate effective hands-on use of computer application software.
  • Students will manage working relationships with internal and external customers.
  • Students will demonstrate effective research skills and tools.
  • Students will define customer requirements, including development of related data and business process models, training requirements, and ROI (Return on Investment) analysis.
  • Students will determine solutions for new and existing systems, including defining and evaluating proven and emerging tools and technologies, systems security specifications, delivery strategies, and systems interfaces.
  • Students will implement systems, including guiding and directing projects, ensuring quality of routine systems monitoring, performing readiness reviews, coordinating systems user training, putting systems into service, reviewing and evaluating systems documentation, and developing plans and processes for ongoing systems support.

Required Courses

1st Semester

16 credits

2nd Semester

17 credits

3rd Semester

17 credits

4th Semester

12-14 credits

Apply for Graduation

Students registering for their final semester of course work must petition for graduation through their Ozone account.  The Petition for Graduation can be found under Student Quick Links.  Deadlines and fees apply; please visit for petition deadline dates.  For additional information, refer to Petition for Degree Completion and Graduation Requirements Policy under Academic Policies and Procedures  



1 Students must selecti BUS/IST elective choice from: IST 215 IST 260 , IST 264 , IST 265  or BUS 240 

2 Select Speech elective choice from:SPE 100 , SPE 101 , SPE 102  or SPE 210 

3 Select from: PSY 101 , PSY 111  or SOC 101 


All students should check for prerequisites for a class before registering.