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2020-21 College Catalog 
2020-21 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Baking and Pastry Certificate (Owens Code: ZBPD)

Successful completion of a program of study at the College does not guarantee licensure, certification, employment in a relevant occupation, or transferability/admission to other educational institutions or programs.

Campus Offered

Credits Required

Toledo 33


Certificate Information                                                         

Student Achievement and Program Data

Culinary Arts Center Video Tour 



Advisory Committee  

Faculty and Staff  


Required Courses

*All students enrolled in the program must earn a “C” grade or better in each Food, Nutrition & Hospitality (FNH) course and maintain a 2.0 grade point average.

*Students who currently hold the ServSafe certificate and/or current CPR should see Department Chair as some coursework may be waived.

Petition for Certificate Completion

Students are eligible to become a candidate for a certificate when the student has completed all necessary requirements. Students who are registering for their final semester of course work must submit a petition for certificate completion by accessing their Ozone account.

Visit the Owens website for petition deadline dates and fee information.  For more information regarding certificate completion refer to Chapter 2 - Academic College Policy, 3358:11-2-51, Graduation Requirements Policy and Procedures.