Apr 17, 2021  
2016-17 College Catalog 
2016-17 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

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SUR 203 - Surgical Directed Practice III

Provides clinical experiences under the direct supervision of a Surgical Technologist or other qualified personnel as assigned by the hospital coordinator.  Students are required to apply theory learned in the college lecture and laboratory.  The focus is on level 3 cases, as available,  in the areas of general, gynecology, genitourinary, orthopedics, ENT, ophthalmology, vascular, reconstructive, neurology, cardiothoracic and organ transplant.   Students are visited weekly by a faculty member and must attend a weekly reflection on campus.

Co-requisites: SUR 202  and PSY 101 

Prerequisites: SUR 200  and SUR 201  and SUR 210  all with a “C” or better

Credits: 5(Lec: 1 Clinical: 25)

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