May 19, 2022  
2021-22 College Catalog 
2021-22 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

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EET 119 - VB Programming

Basic fundamentals of engineering computer programming will be presented using the VB programming language. Programming will be done at a beginning level using VB standards with an emphasis on program flow and logic. This course includes weekly hands-on-exercises on the computer to help teach students the design of programs to meet an engineering specification. The exercises are designed to reinforce the skills taught in lecture. Specific course information covered includes GUI interfaces, variables, error checking, looping structures, conditional operations, subroutines, arrays, multiple forms, timers, state machines, and using the com ports to access external hardware.

Co-requisites: NONE

Prerequisites: MTH 096  or equivalent.  Please refer to Chapter 2 - Academic College Policy, 3358:11-2-06 Assessment Program for entering students.

Credits: 3(Lec: 2 Lab: 3)

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