Sep 20, 2020  
2019-20 College Catalog 
2019-20 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

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FNH 201 - Med Nutrition Therapy I

The primary focus of this course is on clinical nutrition. We will explore how changes in health affect nutrition status and nutrient needs, and how medical nutrition therapy addresses those needs. The student will be introduced to the nutrition care process and therapeutic nutrition as a primary and /or adjunctive treatment of the following disease processes: pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal diseases, motility disorders and malabsorption syndrome. Students will learn etiology, symptoms, clinical findings, diagnostic laboratory data and nutritional management of various disease states. Nutritional assessment, food-medication interactions and clinical application are reviewed.

Co-requisites: FNH 202  and FNH 288  

Prerequisites: FNH 103  and FNH 191  

Credits: 3(Lec: 3)

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