Dec 07, 2023  
2019-20 College Catalog 
2019-20 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

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BUS 293 - Business Mgt Coop Work Exp

Provides the student with the opportunity to put to practical use knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. The experience is conducted under the supervision of a faculty member who assists the student in developing a work experience plan and who visits the student at the worksite. Periodic reports are required. Students work a total of at least 150 hours over the course of the semester at a position obtained through their own initiative and with the approval of the Business Co-op instructor. Required on-campus seminars (16 total hours) are scheduled.

Co-requisites: NONE

Prerequisites: 30 hours of required program courses.

Credits: 1 or 2(Lec: 1 Other: 10 or 20)

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