Sep 27, 2022  
2019-20 College Catalog 
2019-20 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

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BIO 125 - The Science of Nutrition

This course is an introductory nutrition course for non-science and non-health majors. The functions of the nutrients and their role in the human body will be discussed. Weight control, fad diets, and eating disorders are explored along with issues concerning nutrition and sports. The essentials of healthy lifestyles throughout the life cycle and the role of nutrition in the prevention of disease are emphasized throughout the course.

Co-requisites: NONE

Prerequisites: NONE

Age of Coursework:  5 years - chair approval beyond that.  Please refer to Chapter 2 - Academic College Policy, 3358:11-2-22 Age of Coursework Policy.

Credits: 3(Lec: 3)

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