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2017-18 College Catalog 
2017-18 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

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FST 152 - Fire Fighters II

The Firefighter II course training and education requirements identify and recognize emergency service personnel whose accomplishments in training and education meet or exceed nationally recognized standards. NFPA 1001, Standard for Fire Service Professional Qualifications, 2013 Edition sets forth the minimum requirements for an individual at a particular level of progression. An individual certified as a Firefighter II will have demonstrated competency in the knowledge and practical skills required to perform at a particular level.

The Firefighter II is designed to meet and exceed the certification requirements established in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) for Firefighter II and the training educational standards identified in NFPA 1001 (Standard for Fire Service Professional Qualifications) for Firefighter II. This course shall consist of a minimum of 104 hours, which meet the “Firefighter II Course Objectives” and will also include:

*An emergency vehicle operator course consisting of a minimum of 16 hours that is consistent with the requirements of NFPA 1002, Standard for Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications and NFPA 1451, Standard for a Fire and Emergency Service Vehicle Operations Training Program.

*A minimum of 4 hours on the “Courage to be Safe: Sixteen Life Safety Initiatives Course”.

(Previous training credit may be given for the emergency vehicle operator course and the sixteen life safety initiatives course, if the training is recognized by the program director and has been completed within twenty-four months of the course start date.)

A student who has successfully completed a Firefighter II course and passed the practical and written certification examinations will be eligible for certification as a Firefighter II in accordance with R.C. section 4765.55.

*NFPA 1001, Standard for Fire Service Professional Qualifications, 2013 Edition, requires that a student must have completed the Medical Requirements of NFPA 1582, Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments, PRIOR to admission into the course.

Co-requisites:  NONE

Prerequisites:  Certification as a State of Ohio Fire Fighter I, Minimum of Heartsaver CPR/AED & First-Aid

Credits: 4(Lec: 3 Lab: 4)

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