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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog

Practical Nursing Certificate Information

This certificate is not currently accepting applicants. Please reach out to your advisor for options in other health professions.

This certificate is designed to prepare graduates for practical nursing positions in a variety of healthcare settings. The certificate combines studies at Owens Community College with planned and guided experience in client care in healthcare facilities and community agencies.

Department of Nursing


Toledo Campus    



Catherine Ford, Dean Health Technologies 121B    (567) 661-7398 catherine_ford@owens.edu
Irene K. Jones, Chair, Nursing Programs Heritage Hall 204E (567) 661-2111 irene_jones@owens.edu
Michelle Shephard, Assistance Chair, Lab Operations, Nursing Program   Heritage Hall 209P (567) 661-7475 michelle_shephard@owens.edu
Amanda Kiefer, Assistant Chair, Clinical Operations, Nursing Heritage Hall 204F (567) 661-7225 amanda_kiefer2@owens.edu
Vacant, STNA Program Manager Bicentennial Hall 425A (567) 661-xxxx  

Program Approval 

The program is approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing with next site visit July 10, 2018 - July 11, 2018.

Ohio Board of Nursing
17 South High Street, Suite 660
Columbus, Ohio 43215-7410
Phone: 614-466-3947
FAX: 614-466-0388
Web address: www.nursing.ohio.gov 

Professional Organizations

National League for Nursing
The Watergate
2600 Virginia Avenue, NW
Eighth floor
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: 800-699-1656
Web address: www.nln.org 

Ohio League for Nursing
20545 Center Ridge Road, Suite 205
Rocky River, Ohio 44116
Phone: 440-331-2721
FAX:  440-331-2744
Web address: www.ohioleaguefornursing.org

Student Learning Outcomes

Student will be able to:

  • Utilize a caring therapeutic relationship to demonstrate sensitivity to human needs.

  • Incorporate knowledge of cultural diversity and spirituality across the life span in the plan of nursing care.

  • Contribute to the nursing process by integrating critical thinking techniques when responding to nursing situations within the scope of LPN practice.

  • Provide a supportive and protective nursing environment at the direction of the RN of other appropriate healthcare professional.

  • Apply principles of teaching/learning in the promotion, restoration and maintenance of health.

  • Use personal, empirical, ethical and aesthetic patterns of knowing to promote health in clients and families, communities and societies.

  • Demonstrate responsibility and accountability in the management and delegation of patient care in selected health care settings.

  • Communicate effectively with clients, families and health team members through written, verbal and electronic modes.

  • Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for personal and professional self-awareness and growth.

  • Incorporate knowledge of legal, political, historical and economical influences in the implementation of patient care.

  • Assume an entry-level LPN position in a health care setting.

Selective Health Program Admission Process

Students may apply to a maximum of three selective admissions programs


Apply for Admission to Owens Community College.

Apply Online Now!

Request Evaluation for Admission to a Health Program.

Applicants must have a complete file in the Records Office by established deadline dates.   If you were previously evaluated and denied, and wish to be re-evaluated for the same program or any other health program, you must submit another Request for Health Evaluation.  To view file status, regularly check “My Required Documents” via Ozone.

- view FAQ’s for Selective Health Admission Process

- view Deadline Dates and Requirements for a Complete File

- Submit a Request for Health Program Evaluation by logging into your Ozone account. Select the Academic Info tab and navigate to the Selective Health portal and select Request a Health Evaluation.

Official transcripts are required from the applicant’s high school, college or university attended.  If you have a GED, high school, or college transcript(s), please request an official copy be sent to:

Owens Community College

Attn:  Records Office

P.O. Box 10,000

Toledo, OH 43699-1947

If you have an official, sealed copy of a transcript to drop off, visit the Office of Student Services on the Toledo or Findlay campus during regular hours to submit.

Evaluation does not mean automatic admission to the program.  Results of the Health Evaluation will be sent to your Owens email account approximately 2-3 weeks after the evaluation deadline date.

For assistance with the selective health program admission process, requirements, procedures and final date for receipt of application contact the Pre-Health Advising Advisor.

Admission Requirements

Class Selection Criteria

  • Entrance requirements include graduation from high school or its equivalent, and high school chemistry with a “C” or better. Also High school algebra with a “C” or better or ACCUPLACER testing to Math 091 equivalency is required. If college courses have been completed, the student must have a minimum college GPA of 2.0.  Students must complete a Test of Essential Skills (TEAS) and score a 50% or greater in each of four categories (Math, Reading, English, & Science).

  • Following acceptance into the program, students must meet health requirements and obtain CPR- Health Care Provider certification by the American Heart Association or American Red Cross CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and hold a Nurse Aid Training Program certificate of completion or equivalent work experience with written verification from the employing health care agency prior to beginning NRP 101 .

  • Students are admitted in the Fall and Spring semesters on the Toledo and Findlay campuses depending on enrollment.

  • All students entering or enrolled in the Nursing Program must achieve a “C” or better in all courses within the plan of study to progress in the program. Students who fail to achieve these grades in the nursing courses must see the Certificate Coordinator or the Department Chair.

Progression/Completion Requirements

All students entering or enrolled in the Practical Nursing Certificate must achieve a “C” or better in all courses within the plan of study to progress through the program. Failure to take or pass any one of these courses with a “C” or better will result in the student not being able to progress in their plan of study, and the student must meet with the Certificate Coordinator. Two nursing courses may be repeated one time only.  A second failure in the same nursing course or failure of more than two nursing courses will result in dismissal from the Practical Nursing Certificate and the student will be ineligible for readmission to the certificate. 

All nursing courses (NRP, NRS) listed for each semester must be taken in the semester listed, depending on the semester start dates (fall or spring start). Non-nursing courses listed for each semester must be taken in the semester listed or prior to the semester listed, depending on the semester start dates (fall or spring start).

Academic Readmission

If a student fails to achieve a “C” or better in any course within the plan of study, the student must complete the following to be considered for readmission:

  1. Meet with the Certificate Coordinator or Nursing Advisor to formulate a plan for readmission and complete the Request for Readmission form.

  2. Contact the Certificate Coordinator or Nursing Advisor for assistance in developing a written academic plan to resolve the academic problems.

  3. This plan must be completed and approved to continue enrollment in the College.

  4. Readmission is based on space availability.

  5. If several students are petitioning to re-enter and a limited number of seats are available, priority will be given based on the date and time the readmission form was submitted.

  6. A student who fails a course in the first semester will not automatically be readmitted.  The student must submit another request for evaluation to the Practical Nursing Certificate through their Ozone account.  The student will be added to the list of applicants based on date and time the request was submitted as long as the student meets readmission criteria and a course seat is available.

Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code 4723 and rule 4723-5- 12 of the Ohio Administrative Code, students who reenter or are readmitted to an Ohio school of nursing must “meet the curriculum requirements effective at the time of readmission.”

Non-Academic Readmission

A student who drops out during the first semester will not automatically be readmitted. The student must submit another “request for evaluation” to the Practical Nursing Certificate through their Ozone account. The student will be added to the list of applicants based on date and time the request was submitted as long as a course seat is available.

Students who leave the program during the second or third semester for reasons other than academic may request readmission and will be readmitted providing there is course seat availability. The student may request readmission by contacting the Practical Nursing Certificate Coordinator.

Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code 4723 and rule 4723-5- 12 of the Ohio Administrative Code, students who reenter or are readmitted to an Ohio school of nursing must “meet the curriculum requirements effective at the time of readmission.”

Student Advisement

All Practical Nursing (NRP) courses must be completed within a period of 2 years, including summer semester.  To earn the Practical Nursing Certificate, a grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all required courses within the plan of study.

Licensure/Clinical Agency Requirements

Certificate completers are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN examination to become Licensed Practical Nurses. Students who plan to apply to take the NCLEX must submit fingerprints to the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation within six months of taking the examination. The Ohio Board of Nursing has the right to refuse to test, or grant licensure to applicants who have been convicted of a misdemeanor, a felony or an egregious felony as described in the ORC: Section 4723.09.

To meet certain clinical agency requirements, background checks will be performed prior to the first NRP course. Based on the results of the background check, clinical agencies may deny a student access to the clinical experience. Certain clinical agencies may require students to have a drug screen prior to attending clinical placement at the agency. The drug screen schedule will be determined by the clinical agency. A positive drug screen will prevent clinical placement at the agency in which the screen was required.

Technical Standards

Technical Standards are defined by the Owens Community College Nursing Faculty as the functional abilities determined to be essential to the practice of nursing.

The purpose of this document is to notify prospective nursing students of these technical standards to enable them to make an informed decision regarding enrollment in the nursing program at Owens Community College.

The delivery of safe, effective nursing care requires that students be able to perform functions related to the Technical Standards. The inability of a student to perform these functions may result in the student being unable to meet course objectives and to progress in the nursing program. Additionally if a student is unable to perform these required functions, the student may pose a risk of harm to the patient(s) for whom care is provided.

If you have a disability or acquire one, you may be entitled to receive individualized services and/or accommodations intended to assure you an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the program. To receive more information or to apply for services, please contact the Disability Resource Center at (567) 661-7007 or email disability@owens.edu. English as a second language is not considered a disability and as such the student will not be given extra time for any timed activities.

All prospective and current Nursing students must be able to meet these standards, with or without reasonable accommodations.

The following chart outlines the Technical Standards and the related functions required by the Owens Community College Nursing Programs:

- View the Technical Standards Chart  

Employment Opportunities

The skills acquired through the PN Certificate, as well as successful completion of the NCLEX-PN, prepare graduates for positions in:

  • Hospitals (Acute Care)

  • Ambulatory care facilities

  • Corrections facilities

  • Behavioral health facilities

  • Government agencies

  • Home care providers

  • Hospice

  • Insurance Companies

  • Long term care facilities

  • Managed care organizations

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Physician practices

  • Rehabilitation centers

  • School Systems

  • Skilled nursing facilities 

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Owens Community College maintains an Office of Student Financial Services on each campus. The Office of Student Financial Services is the place for you to ask questions related to financial aid. Contact: 1-800-GO OWENS ext. 2387 or (567) 661-2387 Email: studentfinancial@owens.edu.

The following scholarships are available to current nursing students:

Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP), regents.ohio.gov/sgs/nealp/