Oct 19, 2021  
2021-22 College Catalog 
2021-22 College Catalog

Programs E-F


Early Childhood Education Technology, AAS (Owens Code: ECET)  

Economics Concentration, AA (Owens Code: ECOC)  

Education Transfer Concentration, AA (Owens Code: EDTC)  

Electrical Certificate (Owens Code: ZECT)  

Electrical Major, AAS (Owens Code: SKTE)  

Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology, AAS (Owens Code: EETT)  

Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Certificate (Owens Code: ZEMT)  

Emergency Medical Technician - Intermediate Certificate (Owens Code: ZEIC)  

Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic Certificate (Owens Code: ZPAR)  

Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Science and Police Academy Accreditations  

Emergency Services Technology, AAS (Owens Code: EMST)  

Engineering Concentration, AS (Owens Code: EGRC)   

Entrepreneurship Certificate (Owens Code: ZENT)  

Entrepreneurship Major, AAB (Owens Code: ESHP)  

Environmental Science Concentration, AS (Owens Code: ENST)  

Event Planning Certificate (Owens Code: ZEVP)  

Exercise Science Certified Personal Trainer Certificate (Owens Code: ZCPT)  

Exercise Science Concentration, AS (Owens Code: EXSC)   



Fine Art Concentration, AA (Owens Code: FINA)  

Fire Fighter I Certificate (Owens Code: ZFF1)  

Fire Fighter II Certificate (Owens Code: ZFF2)  

Foundations in Instructional Technology and Design Certificate (Owens Code: ZFIT)