Sep 20, 2021  
2021-22 College Catalog 
2021-22 College Catalog

Programs A-B


Accounting Technology, AAB (Owens Code: ACCT)  

Administrative Office Coordinator Major, AAB (Owens Code: AOCM)   

Advanced Instructional Technology and Design Certificate (Owens Code: ZAIT)   

Animation Major, AAS (Owens Code: ANIM )  

Applied Engineering Technology, AAS (Owens Code: APET)   

Associate of Arts, General Arts Concentration, AA (Owens Code: AGEN)  

Associate of Individualized Study, AIS (Owens Code: AIND)  

Associate of Science, General Science Concentration, AS (Owens Code: SGEN)  

Associate of Technical Study, ATS (Owens Code: ATSD)   

Automotive Service Certificate (Owens Code: ZSER)  

Automotive Technology, AAS (Owens Code: AUTO)  

Avionics Major, AAS (Owens Code: AVMJ)  




Baking and Pastry Certificate (Owens Code: ZBPD)  

Biology Concentration, AS (Owens Code: BIOL)  

Biomedical Electronics Major, AAS (Owens Code: BIOM)  

Bookkeeping Certificate (Owens Code: ZBKC)  

Broadcast Media Technology, AAS (Owens Code: BRMT)  

Building Maintenance Certificate (Owens Code: ZBLD)  

Building Maintenance Major, AAS (Owens Code: SKTB)  

Business Management Technology, AAB (Owens Code: BUMT)  

Business Transfer Pathway, AS (Owens Code: BUTP)