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2021-22 College Catalog 
2021-22 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Associate of Technical Study

The Associate of Technical Study (ATS) degree is awarded for successful completion of an individually planned program of study designed to respond to the need for specialized technical education not currently available in the formal degree programs available on a particular campus. The program must have an area of concentration which is equivalent to at least 30 semester credit hours (45 quarter credit hours) in technical studies and a clearly identifiable career objective. The area of concentration can either be formed by:

Type A - A coherent combination of technical courses selectively drawn from two or more technical programs currently offered by the college to serve a career objective that would not be adequately addressed by one of the existing programs alone.


Type B - Courses completed or training received by a student at other institutions of higher education, career centers, or other educational enterprises judged by the institution to be of college level and for which the institution awards degree credit.

Admission Requirements

  • Regular admission to the College is required.

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  • Approved Associate of Technical Studies (ATS) Academic Plan.

Development of the ATS Academic Plan 

  • Prior to completing 40 semester hours, the candidate must complete an ATS academic plan along with his/her faculty, chairperson(s), advisor(s), and dean(s).  ATS academic plans submitted after 40 or more semester credit hours are completed must be approved by the Provost’s Office.  If you take courses prior to approval of this ATS academic plan, the courses may or may not be approved for this degree.  The ATS academic plan must outline an intended area of concentration and identify employment opportunities at the culmination of this ATS academic plan.

  • The ATS academic plan must be submitted to the Records Office through a Student Services Representative or College advisor.  The Records Office will send a copy of the ATS academic plan to the Vice Provost of Academic Services and Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies, who contacts the school dean(s), involved with the program.

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  • The candidate must show that his/her ATS academic plan will meet the College core competencies:

Communicate - Students will communicate effectively.

Analyze, Synthesize, and Evaluate Information - Students will demonstrate the ability to apply research skills and tools, as well as to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information.

Think Critically - Students will think critically.

Exposed to Different Perspectives - Students will be exposed to views different than their own.

  • Each candidate will be required to complete no less than 30 semester hours of coursework at the College, at least half of which shall be in the area of concentration.

  • Following approval, the Records Office will notify the candidate and process the form, return a copy to the signatory and will retain the original in the Records Office.

  • Revisions to the ATS academic plan must be approved by the chairperson(s), dean(s), and Office of the Provost, with a copy of all revisions sent to the Records Office.

Transfer Information

Four-year colleges and universities may require different courses for an bachelor’s degree. Students should tailor their Owens program as closely as possible to the requirements at their four-year school of choice. Meet with an College advisor for more information.