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2020-21 College Catalog 
2020-21 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Exercise Science?

Exercise Science is the study of movement and the associated functional responses and adaptations. In this context, an exercise scientist must understand the specific basis underlying exercise-induced physiological responses. The field of exercise science involves a range of disciplines similar to those in sports medicine; consequently, it is common for exercise science professionals to work in sports medicine facilities. The field of exercise science, however, is typically much broader than sports medicine, ranging from the study of how organ systems work at the cellular level when confronted with disease, to improving the biomechanical efficiency of an employee working on an assembly line.

What can I do with a degree in Exercise Science?

This list is not all-inclusive, but it identifies some of the most common carrer opportunities: Aerobics/Group Exercise Instructor, Athletic Trainer, Personal Trriner, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Exercise Physiologist, Biomechanist, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist, Dietary/Sports Nutritionist, Sport Psychologist, Physical/Occupational Therapist, Corporate Fitness/Wellness Director, Reseacher.

What qualities or personal traits are useful in Exercise Science?

Do you enjoy and participate in exercise as it relates to health, fitness or athletics? Are you interested in any of the specialty areas, career opportunities or fields of study mentioned in the previous section such as medicine, teaching, research or leading exercise classes? Have you enjoyed classes in high school or college such as physical fitness, health and wellness, or nutrition? Do you enjoy reading health and wellness magazines? Do you enjoy helping and working with people? When you read job opportunities and job descriptions in sports medicine or exercise science classifieds, do you get excited about the possibility of working in these environments?

Is this program offered part-time, online or in the evening?

This program is offered on campus during the day and can successfully be completed full-time or part-time.

Will classes taken at Owens Community College transfer to a 4 year university?

Yes, both general education courses and program specific courses will transfer as direct transfers or electives.  Each university will determine how they will transfer.  Our program works closely with several of the area universities for best transferability.