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2020-21 College Catalog 
2020-21 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Potential Workplace Hazards Associated with Magnetic Fields

Owens Community College

Medical Imaging Department

Magnetic Resonance Program


Potential Workplace Hazards Associated with Magnetic Fields


The establishment of thorough and effective screening procedures for students is one of the most critical components that guards their safety when working in the MR environment. An important aspect of protecting students from MR system-related accidents and injuries involves an understanding of the risks associated with the various implants, devices, accessories, and other objects that may cause problems in this setting.


Before entering the MR environment or MR system room, students must remove all metallic objects including hearing aids, dentures, partial plates, keys, beeper, cell phone, eyeglasses, hair pins, barrettes, jewelry, body piercing jewelry, watch, safety pins, paperclips, money clip, credit cards, bank cards, magnetic strip cards, coins, pens, pocket knife, nail clipper, tools, clothing with metal fasteners, & clothing with metallic threads. Please consult the MRI program director or faculty if you have any questions or concerns.


Certain implants, devices, or objects, such as those that appear in the list below, may interfere with your ability to be placed in the MR program or work in an MR environment.


Aneurysm clip(s)

Cardiac pacemaker

Implanted cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)

Electronic implant or device

Magnetically-activated implant or device

Neurostimulation system

Spinal cord stimulator

Internal electrodes or wires

Bone growth/bone fusion stimulator

Cochlear, otologic, or other ear implant

Insulin or other infusion pump

Implanted drug infusion device

Any type of prosthesis (eye, penile, etc.)

Heart valve prosthesis

Eyelid spring or wire

Artificial or prosthetic limb

Metallic stent, filter, or coil

Shunt (spinal or intraventricular)

Vascular access port and/or catheter

Radiation seeds or implants

Swan-Ganz or thermodilution catheter

Medication patch (Nicotine, Nitroglycerine)

Any metallic fragment or foreign body

Wire mesh implant

Tissue expander (e.g., breast)

Surgical staples, clips, or metallic sutures

Joint replacement (hip, knee, etc.)

Bone/joint pin, screw, nail, wire, plate, etc.

IUD, diaphragm, or pessary

Dentures or partial plates

Tattoo or permanent makeup

Body piercing jewelry

Hearing aid (Remove before entering MR system room)