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2020-21 College Catalog 
2020-21 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Baking and Pastry Certificate Information

This certificate is designed to prepare students for entry level employment in the baking and pastry industry.  Employment opportunities include  retail and commercial bakeries, fine dining restaurants and hotels, patisserie and boulangerie shops, confectionary and decorating positions. 

The courses in the baking and pastry certificate will help to develop a solid knowledge of fundamentals and basic skills.  The advanced courses will expose students to an array of upper level skills including frozen desserts, entremets, showpieces; design and construction, confections and cake decorations.

Credits earned in this certificate may be applied toward the Culinary Arts Program, AAS (Owens Code: CAPP) .

Department of Food, Nutrition and Hospitality


Toledo Campus



Dr. Michael Pfahl, Dean

Heritage Hall 106Y (567) 661-7270 michael_pfahl@owens.edu

Joann L. Gruner, Chair   

Heritage Hall 114C (567) 661-7214     joann_gruner@owens.edu



The Baking and Pastry Certificate program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF) through June 30, 2019.  For more information concerning accreditation standards, contact the American Culinary Federation, 180 Center Place Way, St. Augustine, Florida 32095, phone number 800-624-9458, web address www.acfchefs.org.


Student Learning Outcomes

Student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate fundamental food production principles necessary to meet the demands of the professional kitchen.
  • Apply fundamentals of baking science to the preparation of a variety of products.
  • Develop skills in more advanced decorating techniques and more complex preparations of pastry, confections and dessert products.
  • Promote and demonstrate safe and sanitary food handling practices as stipulated in local, state and federal laws.

Information on Program and Student Learning Outcomes are available upon request.  Send inquiry to business@owens.edu.

Career Information

The Culinary Arts Program prepare students for Chef positions within culinary, foodservice and hospitality industry. The program’s philosophy integrates three important elements: a strong academic background to develop the student’s intellectual awareness, specialized business and culinary courses to prepare students for all areas of industry employment and practical on-the-job training to allow the student to become fully involved in their chosen field.

For additional information on opportunities in Culinary Arts, explore these professional organizations:

Employment and Wage Earnings

Projected job openings (2014-2024) Nationwide and in Ohio are expected to grow between 5 - 8%.  Ohio median wages are shown below.  For more information, visit www.Onetonline.org.

Cooks (entry-level)   $21,310
Bakers (entry-level) $23,050
Front Line Supervisors of Food Prep and Service Personnel $29,100
Chefs and Head Cooks $40,120
Food Service Managers $49,590

Admission Requirements

There are no additional admission requirements for the Baking and Pastry Certificate.  Owens Community College is an open admission college.

Certificate Progression and Completion

The certificate in Culinary Arts (30 credits) or Baking and Pastry (31 credits) can be completed in one year (three semesters). Additional courses may be taken to earn the Associate Degree in Culinary Arts.

All Culinary Arts Program students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all Food, Nutrition and Hospitality (FNH) courses and maintain a 2.0 grade point average. Students who do not earn these grades must participate in a review of their progress with their Academic Advisor to establish a remediation and academic plan. Students registering for their final semester of course work and plan to graduate must submit a petition for certificate completion by accessing their Ozone account.


Students are eligible to apply for the credential of Certified Pastry Culinarian (CPC) from the American Culinary Federation. Information on applying for the CPC can be found at www.acfchefs.org/ACF/Certify/ACF/Certify/.

Health Requirements

Students are not required to complete physical health screening. However, certain culinary classes require self-reporting of illness and strict personal hygiene.  Employers may have pre-employment health screenings that the student must meet.

Background Check Requirements

Background checks are not required for admission into the program. Cooperative Work Experience sites may require background checks as part of pre-employment screening.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Owens Community College maintains an Oserve Office on each campus. Oserve is the place for you to ask questions related to financial aid. Contact: 1-800-GO OWENS ext. 2387 or (567) 661-2387 Email: oserve@owens.edu.  There are a variety of financial aid programs, scholarships and on-campus employment opportunities available at Owens Community College. For more information, visit the College scholarship website.

Several area hospitality and food service establishments offer tuition reimbursement based on academic achievements.

In addition to local opportunities, students are encouraged to pursue additional scholarships opportunities through a variety of professional organizations, including:

The American Culinary Federation, www.acfchefs.org

The American Hotel and Lodging Association Education Foundation, www.ahlef.org

The International Association of Culinary Professionals, www.iacpfoundation.com

The James Beard Foundation, www.jamesbeard.org

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, www.nraef.org

Program Complaints

If a Culinary Arts student feels that a complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved through the college he/she has the right to issue a complaint to the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation, Accrediting Commission (ACFEF).  The complaint must be submitted in writing, with appropriate documentation to the Chair of the Accreditation Commission.

American Culinary Federation, Inc.

Attention: Accreditation

180 Center Place Way

St. Augustine, FL 32095