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2020-21 College Catalog 
2020-21 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Information

Start a career in the exciting allied health field of rehabilitation by pursuing an Associate’s in Applied Science degree from the Owens Community College’s Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program. 

The program prepares students to become licensed physical therapist assistants who, under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist, work with patients to improve mobility and function. Treatments may include prescribed exercises for strength, coordination, balance and flexibility as well as the application of various modalities to reduce pain, inflammation and to promote healing. A licensed physical therapist assistant may work in a variety of health care settings including hospitals, sports medicine facilities, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, in-home care and schools. Upon graduation, students are eligible to sit for the state licensing examination.

4755-27 Conduct of Licensees

4755-27-05 - (5) “Student physical therapist” means a student enrolled in an accredited or candidacy status entry level physical therapist education program who is completing a required clinical education course. Effective January 1, 2020, a student physical therapist shall be at least eighteen years old.


The mission of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program is to provide a comprehensive curriculum to prepare PTA graduates to serve patients and the medical community through education, empowerment, and quality rehabilitation. PTA students are our program’s success.


Owens Community College strives to prepare Physical Therapist Assistants who are at the top of their field integrating knowledge, skill, and competence in patient care. Owens PTA program graduates will have a positive impact on their communities and the physical therapy profession.

Contact Information for Department of Physical Therapy Assisting


Toledo Campus



Catherine Ford, Dean Heritage Hall 121B (567) 661-7398 catherine_ford@owens.edu
Bradley Wood, Chair, Physical Therapist Assistant Program   Health Technologies 526    (567) 661-2984   bradley_wood3@owens.edu




The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Owens Community College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314; telephone: 703-706-3245; email: accreditation@apta.org; website: http://www.capteonline.org. If needing to contact the program/institution directly, please call 567-661-2984 or email Bradley_wood3@owens.edu (Accredited to June 2018)


Faculty and students in the PTA program become members of the American Physical Therapist Association (APTA), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-1488, phone number 703-684-APTA (2782) or  800-999-2782 web address www.apta.org. Students also have opportunity to join the student Physical Therapist Assistant organization.

Professional Course Format

Theory is presented in lectures. Students learn hands-on application skills during class laboratories. This provides a foundation of knowledge for students to refine skills during their clinical education. Students participate in approximately 720 clinical education hours before graduation. Students must complete a physical exam prior to starting their clinical education and are responsible for the costs (approx. $300).

Selective Health Program Admission Process

Students may apply to a maximum of three selective admissions programs


Apply for Admission to Owens Community College.

Apply Online Now!

Request Evaluation for Admission to a Health Program.

Applicants must have a complete file in the Records Office by established deadline dates.   If you were previously evaluated and denied, and wish to be re-evaluated for the same program or any other health program, you must submit another Request for Health Evaluation.  To view file status, regularly check “My Required Documents” via Ozone.

- view FAQ’s for Selective Health Admission Process

- view Deadline Dates and Requirements for a Complete File

- Submit a Request for Health Program Evaluation by logging into your Ozone account. Select the Academic Info tab and navigate to the Selective Health portal and select Request a Health Evaluation.

Official transcripts are required from the applicant’s high school, college or university attended.  If you have a GED, high school, or college transcript(s), please request an official copy be sent to:

Owens Community College

Attn:  Records Office

P.O. Box 10,000

Toledo, OH 43699-1947

If you have an official, sealed copy of a transcript to drop off, visit Oserve on the Toledo or Findlay campus during regular hours, found at www.owens.edu/oserve, to submit.

Evaluation does not mean automatic admission to the program.  Results of the Health Evaluation will be sent to your Owens email account approximately 2-3 weeks after the evaluation deadline date.

For assistance with the selective health program admission process, requirements, procedures and final date for receipt of application contact the Pre-Health Advising Advisor.

Admission Requirements

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program begins each fall semester.  Applicants will be reviewed on January 15 once the following is complete. If the program is not filled after the January 15 review, an additional review will be held on May 15 to offer applicants an opportunity to begin the program.

  1. Graduation from high school or successful completion of the GED (General Education Development) test is required. High school students may apply, but continuation in the program may be contingent upon submission of an official high school transcript verifying graduation.
  2. Official transcripts are required from any college or university attended.
  3. A grade of “C” or better in one of the following: one full credit of high school level chemistry, CHM 095 , a higher level college chemistry course or PHY 115 .
  4. A grade of “C” or better in one of the following: one full credit of high school level anatomy, biology, anatomy & physiology, BIO 101 , BIO 201 , BIO 202 , BIO 211 , or BIO 212 .
  5. Completion of the ACT or SAT. 
  6. The first attempt, from any institution, of the most recent version of all four components of TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills).
  7. Some programs require observation hours.
  8. Some programs require an Ohio Department of Health approved Nurse Assistant Training Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP) completed within two years of the beginning of the first SNHP Program clinical course. 

Applicants should view “My Required Documents” in their student portal for a complete list of requirements.

Selective admissions points are earned as described below. A maximum of 50 points can be earned. A rank ordered list of applicants by point total will be developed. The applicants with the highest number of points will be offered a seat the program.  The applicants with the next highest number of points will be offered a seat as an alternate.

Points are calculated based on the following:

1.  Grade Point Average (GPA)  

A maximum of 20 points can be earned based on the applicants most recent GPA:

A. Applicants who have completed 11 or more college credit hours, as specified below, will be reviewed using their college GPA.  Three of the 11 college credit hours must include a math or science course. The only courses included in the calculation of college GPA are:

Math - the one, most recent, college level math course (MTH 101 or higher) which must be at least three credit hours.

Science - the most recent attempt at BIO 211  and / or BIO 212 .

Humanities or Social Science - the one, most recent, college level humanities or social science course which must be at least three credit hours.

Communication - the most recent attempt at ENG 111 

B. If a college GPA is not applicable, the high school GPA on file at Owens Community College will be used. 

GPA Points Earned
3.7 - 4.0 20
3.5 - 3.69 18
3.3 - 3.49 16
3.1 - 3.29 14
2.9 - 3.09 12
2.7 - 2.89 10
2.5 - 2.69 8
<2.5 0


2.  TEAS Entrance Assessment

A maximum of 16 points can be earned based on the applicant’s first attempt on the most recent version of TEAS in the areas of Reading, Science, English and Math.

Reading and Science - a maximum of five points can be earned in each area for a total of ten points.

Score Points Earned
90 - 100 5
80 - 89.9 4
70 - 79.9 3
60 - 69.9 2
< 60 0


English and Math - a maximum of three points can be earned in each area for a total of six points.

Score Points Earned
90 - 100 3
80 - 89.9 2
70 - 79.9 1
<70 0


3. ACT or SAT Score

A maximum of eight points can be earned based on the most recent ACT or SAT score.

ACT Score New SAT Score Old SAT Score Points Earned
27 - 36 1280 - 1600 1210 - 1600 8
26 1240 - 1270 1170 - 1200 7
25 1200 - 1230 1130 - 1160 6
24 1160 - 1190 1090 - 1120 5
23 1130 - 1150 1060 - 1080 4
22 1100 - 1120 1020 - 1040 3
21 1060 - 1090 980 - 1010 2
20 1020 - 1050 940 - 970 1
<20 <1020 <940 0


4. Course Completion

A maximum of eight points can be earned based on the first graded attempt of the following four courses. Points are not earned for grades of “C”.

Course Points Earned “A” Points Earned “B’
BIO 211 - Anatomy and Physiology I *Ohio Transfer Module Course   2 1
BIO 212 - Anatomy and Physiology II *Ohio Transfer Module Course   2 1
IPE 101 - Introduction to Health Science   2 1
MTH 101 or Higher* 2 1
* The one, most recent, college level math course which must be at least three credit hours.


A minimum of 15 points out of a total of 52 points must be achieved in order to be considered for Physical Therapist Assistant Program Admission. 

Extenuating, documentable situations may prevent a student from beginning a program for which a seat has been accepted. Students may petition the program manager or chair to explore the possibility of securing a seat in a future semester. Contact the program chair for additional information.

Criteria for a tied score:

The following criteria will be used to break a tie in the event of two or more students receiving the same number of points on the selection criteria tally form at the time of selection in the following order:

  1. Highest GPA points.
  2. Highest TEAS Entrance Assessment points.
  3. Most recent ACT Composite score points.
  4. Course completion points.

If two students are still tied after the above determinations have been made, a lottery system will be used to determine the selected candidate.

Progression/Completion Requirements

All students entering or enrolled in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program must achieve a “C” or better in all program and general education courses within the plan of study to progress through the program.  A student who fails to achieve a grade of “C” or better in any course within the plan of study must see the program director. The Physical Therapist Assistant Program must be completed within three years from the date of enrollment in the first program technical course.

All program courses listed for each semester must be taken in the semester listed.

Academic Readmission Policy

A student requesting readmission after dismissal for academic reasons must complete the following before being considered:

  1. The student must contact an Advisor who will assist the student in the development of a written academic plan to resolve the academic problems.

    1. The following requirements must be included in the academic plan before readmission:

      1. Written notification to the Department Chair of the student’s intention to the PTA program at least 75 days prior to the start of the semester.

      2. Provisions to retake all courses in which the student received a “D” or “F” grade with the goal of receiving a “C” grade or better upon repeating each course.

      3. Demonstrate proficiency in written and/or lab examinations with a “C” or higher average.

The plan then is submitted to the Department Chair and Dean for approval.  This plan must be completed and approved to continue enrollment in the College.  Students are readmitted on a space available basis.  No second readmission will be considered.

Non-Academic Readmission Policy

Students who complete at least one full semester of the PTA program may request readmission after withdrawal for non-academic reasons. If only one semester lapses, the student may re-enter if all requirements for class and clinical participation have been met. Intention needs to be expressed two weeks prior to readmission. If more than one semester lapses, the student must complete the following:

  1. Notify the Department Chair in writing of the student’s intention to return to the PTA program at least 75 days prior to the start of the semester if only absent more than one semester.
  2. Attend all appointments suggested by the Department Chair.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in written and/or lab/examinations with a “C” or higher if absent more than one semester.
  4. Complete all course work within three years of program admittance. 

Health Requirements

The program includes three 6-week full-time clinical placements. Prior to the first clinical each student must have a physical by his/her physician including a statement that the student is fit for duty and free from communicable diseases. The results of the physical are effective for one year. In addition, the student must have blood tests done to verify immunity to specific diseases or have immunizations done prior to the clinical experiences.

Background Check Requirements

The program does not require a background check for admission or graduation. However, BCI and FBI background checks must be done as part of the state licensure application process in order to practice as a physical therapist assistant.  Background checks by the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCI & I) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are required for licensure. The student assumes the cost of the background checks.   Final licensure eligibility based on an individual’s background is determined on a case by case basis during the licensure application process. For more information regarding background checks visit the following websites: 

The Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCI & I), www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), www.fbi.gov

Licensure Examination

Students who successfully complete the program are eligible to sit for the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) national licensure exam.  After successful completion of this exam, the individual will be a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA).  Passing  the Ohio’s licensure exam also will allow graduates to obtain a license in nearly every other state by endorsement, because it is a national exam. Licensure is required to practice physical therapy and bill for services in the State of Ohio. Students are responsible for inquiring about licensing requirements before enrolling in the program.  For more information regarding licensure application and requirements visit The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) website, www.fsbpt.org.

Essential Functions

A qualified applicant with a disability is one who, with or without reasonable accommodations, can perform the same essential functions as a non-disabled person in the same position.

If a student has a disability or acquires one, he/she may be entitled to receive individualized services and/or accommodations intended to assure an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the program. To receive more information or to apply for services, please contact the Disability Resources Services Office at (567) 661-7007.

- view Essential Functions  

Employment Opportunities

The education and clinical skills acquired through the program, as well as successful passing of the state board exam qualify graduates for positions as licensed physical therapist assistant in settings such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Home health care
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation facilities
  • Outpatient private practice clinics
  • Schools
  • Corporate wellness facilities
  • Outpatient hospital clinics

A successful graduate of the Owens Community College’s PTA program that passes the state licensing exam will become a licensed physical therapist assistant. The PTA assists the licensed Physical Therapist in delivering rehabilitative care to patients that range from newborn to elderly depending on the setting.

Growth and Income

According to the recent Ohio Bureau of Employment Services job growth projections, PTAs are in the top 20 for the fastest-growing occupations in Northwest Ohio.  PTAs are ranked in top 15 in the State of Ohio.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists physical therapist assistants as one of 5 fastest growing occupations projected for the time period 2014-2024. The population of the country continues to age and along with that demographic comes an increasing need for rehabilitation professionals. The fastest-growing age group in the country is those 85 years of age and older. A good number of those people will need rehabilitation care which assures a strong need for Physical Therapist professionals now and into the future.

According to the United States Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income of a Physical Therapist Assistant is $55,170/year. Physical Therapist Assistants is projected to grow 40 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. 

Clinical Experiences

Clinical education is one of the cornerstones of the education of a physical therapist assistant. At Owens Community College, students have three 6-week full-time clinical experiences in acute care, skilled care and/or out-patient therapy. Students receive on-site supervision by a licensed physical therapist or physical therapist assistant as well as a liaison who is a member of the clinical education program at Owens Community College.

- view Clinical Affiliations  

Facilities and Equipment

Owens Community College offers students state-of-the-art equipment and facilities including a dedicated physical therapy lab room. Students will be able to access the 80,000+ sq.ft. Student Health and Activities Center (SHAC).

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Owens Community College maintains an Oserve Office on each campus. Oserve is the place for you to ask questions related to financial aid. Contact: 1-800-GO OWENS ext. 2387 or (567) 661-2387 Email: oserve@owens.edu

Scholarships are available through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), www.apta.org.

Transfer Information

In order to become a physical therapist a student must complete a graduate degree, and admission is competitive. The University of Toledo offers a graduate Doctor of Physical Therapy program. A prospective student must have a bachelor’s degree in order to apply. There are two different types of Doctor of Physical Therapy programs offered by the University of Findlay: the Traditional Program (3 plus 3) and the Weekend College program. For more information please contact admissions counselors at these universities.