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2019-20 College Catalog 
2019-20 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

School of Nursing and Health Professions (SNHP)

Successful completion of a program of study at the College does not guarantee licensure, certification, employment in a relevant occupation, or transferability/admission to other educational institutions or programs.

Catherine Ford, Dean

(567) 661-7398


Department of Dental Hygiene

Elizabeth A. Tronolone, Chair

(567) 661-7374


Department of Medical Imaging Technologies

Susan Deutschman, Chair

(567) 661-7608


Suellen Barnum, Assistant Chair, MRI Program

(567) 661-7311


Christine Smith, Assistant Chair, Radiologic Technology Program                           

(567) 661-7376


Julie Posey, Program Director, Sonography

(567) 661-7560



Department of Nursing

Irene K. Jones, Chair Nursing Program

(567) 661-2111

Ruth L. Ankele, Assistant Chair Nursing Program

(567) 661-7259

Veronica Burgert, Assistant Chair Medical Assisting

(567) 661-2269

Lori Maynard, Assistant Chair Surgical Programs

(567) 661-7310

Michelle Shephard, Assistant Chair, Lab Operations, Nursing Program

(567) 661-7475

Jill Weiland, STNA Program Manager

(567) 661-7295 or (567) 661-7654


Department of Therapeutic Services

Barbara A. Seguine, Chair Occupational Therapy

(567) 661-7415

Jami L. Williamson, Exercise Science Program Facilitator

(567) 661-2108


Bradley Wood, Assistant Chair Physical Therapy

(567) 661-2984