Oct 19, 2018  
2018-19 College Catalog 
2018-19 College Catalog

Insurance Studies

The Insurance Studies Program prepares students for entry into careers in the insurance industry. Students graduating from this program will have a fundamental understanding of business through a variety of business-oriented courses such as management, business law, ethics, and economics. Graduates will also acquire knowledge from three insurance-specific courses that will cover such areas as insurance organizations, agencies, industry regulations, types of insurance, risk management, financial workings of an insurer, and insurance needs analysis and policies.

Program graduates will be prepared for various positions in the insurance industry. Examples may include the following: accounting clerks, office manager, benefits specialist, claims adjuster, loss control specialist, and insurance sales agent.

Department of Business Technologies


Toledo-area Campus

Phone Number


Libby King, Chair Heritage Hall 106M (567) 661-2142 elizabeth_king2@owens.edu
Ann D. Theis, Dean Heritage Hall 106Y (567) 661-7280 ann_theis@owens.edu

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the coursework, the student should be able to:

  • Explain how industry regulations relate to company / agency actions.
  • Link legal and regulatory considerations to consumer protection.
  • Review basic financial statements to assess insurance company’s strength.
  • Articulate and describe general management processes commonly used by insurers.
  • Illustrate types of business insurance and explain benefits of each.
  • Predict risk exposures of business activity and protections provided by insurance.
  • Identify  combinations of insurance coverage to maximize protection and minimize cost.
  • Outline factors associated with loss control and safety of a business.
  • Associate insurance with its role in enterprise risk management.
  • Link legal and regulatory considerations and boundaries with how insurance companies conduct business.
  • Relate factors that influence how insurance is priced and payouts are determined.
  • Describe what a consumer must consider when purchasing insurance.
  • Summarize the role insurance plays in addressing societal issues arising from injuries caused by others.

Employment Opportunities

Students may become employed in areas including but not limited to:

  • 13-1031  Claims Adjusters, Examiners, Investigators
  • 13-1032  Insurance Appraisers
  • 13-2053  Underwriters
  • 41-3021  Insurance Sales Agents
  • 43-4051  Customer Service Representatives
  • 43-9041  Insurance Claims and Processing Clerks

This information is available at JobsOhio Network - Northwest Ohio, ohiolmi.com/proj/OhioJobOutlook.htm

Transfer Information

Students who wish to transfer to a four-year program in insurance should consider the Business Administration Concentration, AS (Owens Code: BUAC) .  The associate of science degree program provides the basic curriculum needed for the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in business.  This program is transfer-oriented and is ideal for aspiring business students who intend on transferring from Owens Community College to a college or university setting.