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2018-19 College Catalog 
2018-19 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Program Goals and Outcomes

Program Mission

To prepare graduates to become Dietetic Technicians, Registered and be prepare for entry level positions in food, nutrition and dietetic related fields while establishing the foundation for lifelong learning and service to the community.

Goal 1: The Dietetic Technician Program will prepare graduates to be entry-level dietetic technicians, registered.


  • Over a five-year period, the first time pass rate for the dietetic technician registration exam will be at least 70%.
  • Over a five-year period, 80% or more of employers will report that graduates are competently prepared as entry-level dietetic technicians.
  • Over a five year period, 60% or more of graduates, who sought employment in dietetics or related field, will be employed within 12 months of graduation.

Goal 2: The Dietetic Technician Program will prepare graduates who demonstrate professionalism, continuing education and service to the community to address the ever-changing needs of the consumer and employers in food, nutrition and dietetics.


  • Over a five year period, 80% or more of employers report that graduates demonstrated professionalism in the work place.
  • Over a five year period, 80% or more of graduates have attended a continuing education event during their first year of employment.
  • Over a five year period, 70% of graduates will respond “strongly agree or agree” to service learning as a valuable experience in the program.

Credentialing Examination Pass Rate

Owens Community College Dietetic Technician Program

Pass Rate Monitoring and Improvement Plan (Standard 6 and 8)
Year (A) # of Students Taking the Exam for the First Time Students Passing the CDR Exam Pass Rate Percentages
(B) # of Students Passing on Their First Try (C) # of Students Passing within One Year of Their First Try (B/A) First-Time Pass Rate (C/A) One-Year Pass Rate
2014 7 7 7 100% 100%
2015 7 3 4 42.86% 57.14%
2016 1 0 0 0.0% 0.0%
2017 6 5 6 83.33% 100%
Current Five Years 2014-2018 21 15 17 71.43% 80.95%

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