Apr 20, 2019  
2018-19 College Catalog 
2018-19 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration Information

Students who begin in this concentration can apply for admission into the Occupational Therapy program offered at Owens Community College.  Students following this concentration of study who plan on applying for admission to Owens Occupational Therapy program should regularly meet with an advisor.  Students wishing to complete this concentration and not apply to the Occupational Therapy program offered at Owens can pursue transfer options into other bachelor programs.  To learn more about admission into Owens Occupational Therapy program, consult the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, AAS (Owens Code: OTAP) .

Department of Therapeutic Services


Toledo-area Campus

Phone Number


Catherine Ford, Dean Health Technologies 121 B (567) 661-7398 catherine_ford@owens.edu
Barbara A Seguine, Chair Occupational Therapy Heath Technologies 525 (567) 661-7415 barbara_seguine@owens.edu
Bradley Wood, Assistant Chair Physical Therapy Health Technologies 526 (567) 661-2984 bradley_wood3@owens.edu
Jami L Williamson, Exercise Science Program Facilitator Bicentennial Hall 170 (567) 661-2108 jami_williamson@owens.edu

Student Learning Outcomes

Student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective communication in their area or concentration of study.

  • Demonstrate their ability to access and interpret information within their area or concentration of study.

  • Think critically to anticipate, recognize, and solve problems within their area or concentration of study.

  • Add value through service to their community or area/concentration of study.