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2018-19 College Catalog 
2018-19 College Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Course Information

Owens Community College Nurse Assistant Training Course (STNA) is an Ohio Department of Health approved training course that prepares the student to perform basic patient care in Long Term Care facilities, hospitals, hospice centers and home health settings. This is a mandatory training course for Ohio Nurse Assistants who work in Long Term Care.  This course prepares the student to take the Ohio Competency Evaluation Exam. This 75 hour course includes 16 hours of clinical training and 59 hours of lecture and skill laboratory practice.

Department of Nursing


Toledo-area Campus

Phone Number


Catherine Ford, Dean Health Technologies 121 B (567) 661-7398 catherine_ford@owens.edu
Irene K. Jones, Chair Nursing Heritage Hall 204F (567) 661-2111 irene_jones@owens.edu
Alison Chamberlain, Assistant Chair, Nursing Clinical Operations Heritage Hall 204A (567) 661-7233 alison_chamberlain@owens.edu
Veronica Burgert, Assistant Chair Medical Assisting Health Technologies 426 (567) 661-2268 veronica_burgert@owens.edu
Lori Maynard, Assistant Chair Surgical Programs Health Technologies 427 (567) 661-7310 lori_maynard@owens.edu
Michelle Shepard, Assistance Chair, Lab Operations, Nursing Program Heritage Hall 204A (567) 661-7475 michelle_shepard@owens.edu
Jill Weiland, STNA Program Manager Bicentennial Hall 253 (567) 661-7295 or (567) 661-7654 jill_weiland@owens.edu

What is a State Tested Nurse Assistant (STNA)

A State Tested Nurse Assistant, also referred to as a CNA, works under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse. A STNA provides assistance to patients with daily living tasks and works closely with patients. Responsibilities include basic nursing and personal care skills such as bed making, assistance with meals, nutrition, fluid needs, bathing, grooming, dressing, positioning, walking, transferring and vital signs. Since Nursing Assistants spend a great deal of time with the patients they provide vital information to the licensed nurse and health care team.

What is a Home Health Aide (HHA)

Home Health Aides provide health care services in homes. Their clients include the elderly or people with long-term illnesses or disabilities The Home Health Aide works under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse. The HHA performs many of the same duties as the STNA. In addition, the HHA also performs housekeeping chores such as laundry, light housekeeping, grocery planning, shopping, preparing and serving meals to patients.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student will be able to:

  • Identify Ohio Department of Health requirements for State-Tested Nurse Aide (STNA).
  • Describe the role of the nurse assistant in Long Term care and Home Health.
  • Describe and identify communication and interpersonal skills that accomplish effective communication.
  • Perform basic nursing and personal care in a safe manner.
  • Recognize and comply with basic infection control measures.
  • Observe residents’ privacy and dignity in giving care.
  • Recognize residents’ rights in all interactions with them.
  • Discuss safety and emergency precautions.
  • Recognize the emotional and social service needs of the residents.
  • Identify ways to assist residents to maintain current levels of functioning.
  • Explain ways to promote residents’ independence.
  • Recognize basic restorative services available to nursing home residents.
  • Identify legal rights of the nursing home resident.
  • Demonstrate professionalism in all interactions.  

Course Requirements

  • Submit College Admission Application
  • Register for class with Oserve, College Hall 152
  • Negative 1 step current TB test
  • - Download form  
  • Results of a negative chest x-ray are required if one has previously tested positive on the TB test.
  • - View TB testing locations  
  • Class attendance and punctuality are mandatory
  • One scrub uniform for last class day and clinical as specified by the course
  • White shoes or white tennis shoes

Students will be prohibited from the clinical setting until health requirements have been received by the College.


  • Wristwatch with a second hand
  • Notebook paper, pen/pencils, folder(s)

Technical Standards

Technical Standards are defined by the Owens Community College Nursing Faculty as the functional abilities determined to be essential to the practice of nursing.

The purpose of this document is to notify prospective nursing students of these technical standards to enable them to make an informed decision regarding enrollment in the nursing program at Owens Community College.

The delivery of safe, effective nursing care requires that students be able to perform functions related to the Technical Standards. The inability of a student to perform these functions may result in the student being unable to meet course objectives and to progress in the nursing program. Additionally if a student is unable to perform these required functions, the student may pose a risk of harm to the patient(s) for whom care is provided.

If you have a disability or acquire one, you may be entitled to receive individualized services and/or accommodations intended to assure you an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the program. To receive more information or to apply for services, please contact the Office of Disability Services in Alumni Hall 103 at (567) 661-7007 or email disability@owens.edu. English as a second language is not considered a disability and as such the student will not be given extra time for any timed activities.

All prospective and current Nursing students must be able to meet these standards, with or without reasonable accommodations.

The following chart outlines the Technical Standards and the related functions required by the Owens Community College Nursing Programs:

- View Technical Standards  

Student Advisement

The  Ohio State Bill 160 requires a criminal background check for anyone employed in Long Term Care before hiring. Individuals possessing this certificate may work in long-term care, home health,  hospice and acute care settings.

Employment Opportunities

Generally in long-term care facilities, but also at hospitals, assisted living, hospice care, home health care and private duty.

STNA/HHA is a Stepping Stone to Other Career Opportunities

  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Medical Imaging Technology
  • Other Allied Health fields